Power, Purpose, Perspective

Blue Canary Therapy, is a Solution Focused Brief Therapy practice based in Wolverhampton, England. Solution Focused Brief Therapy is an evidence based approach and, as suggested by the name, is a quick and effective way of working with anyone - whether you are an individual, a family, a group, a couple, a sports team, a management team, a school or a business. Whether you are in need of a little redirection or are recovering from, or living with trauma, Blue Canary Therapy can offer a bespoke and simple service, tailored to you.

One on One Therapy
and Life Coaching
Opening the door to immediate
and long lasting change.
Family Therapy
Bringing together the skills and attributes that make your family unique to create the change you want.
Couples Therapy
Put an end to relationship difficulties and create a future you both wish to experience.
Training and Organisations
Enhance productivity, minimise conflict and support emotional well-being for your team.
A Non intrusive, gentle and therapeutic way to help you reconnect with your physiological and emotional self.
Group Work
Learn new ways to support yourself and others in an informal group setting.



Mission Statement

Blue Canary Therapy is a Solution Focused Practice, founded by Amanda Jane Morris in January 2020
and is an inclusive and safe therapy space for Adults and children of all abilities and backgrounds. Culture, Religion and belief systems are not a barrier to accessing support at Blue Canary Therapy, and I have had the experience of working with both the abused and the abuser, the victim and the perpetrator.

People who access support from Blue Canary Therapy are met with two basic assumptions. Firstly, that
people are competent; no matter what shape a person, family, couple or team is in when they seek
support, they are competent - my task is to uncover that competence. Secondly, and probably most
importantly, is the assumption that hope is always present, no matter how small a glimmer, there is
always hope.

As a Solution Focused practitioner, I hold the firm conviction that even in the face of adversity, there is
something happening in a person’s life that is in line with them being the best version of themselves. It is
my hope, through our talking together, to help you reconnect with that best version of yourself and realise
your power, purpose and perspective in a way that is just right for you.

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