A Change Would Do You Good

December 4, 2020

I’m not a morning person. I love nothing more than turning the pillow over to the cold side and snuggling back under the duvet. On a good day I might read, but mostly I’ll be semi dozing, thinking about all the things I could be doing and working out how to trim my day to use up the least amount of time on things I don’t particularly want to do. Then I’ll probably stretch my body a bit, decide that I really am getting up now, then roll over and think about all the things I do want to do, but don’t really have the time or energy for. Then I might stretch a bit more - my body really aches in the morning - one of the reasons I’m not a morning person, and the Solution Focused Spaniel tells me that it really is time to get up now. We need to get down to the park, reduce that build up of pain inducing cortisol and chase some squirrels.

And I actually know, I mean I really know, that turfing myself out of bed and going straight out for a walk always, undoubtedly makes me feel better. Whatever the weather. I move more easily throughout the day, and feel more energetic. I know that I always have a more productive day when I feel more energetic and I’m always more focused when I just get up and get going, which results in a happier, more settled me. I always feel more satisfied about my achievements at the end of the day and therefore I sleep better.

So I roll over again and think about all this, telling the spaniel that we’ve (notice the we) left it too late now, it’s raining/ I’ve got a zoom meeting in an hour/ I really need to send those emails/I’m JUST TOO TIRED!! Then I’ll probably doze for a bit until I absolutely must, no doubt about, get up and make myself look presentable for the zoom meeting. Why did I even arrange a meeting for 9am? I’m not a morning person.

Or so I’ve convinced myself.

Because we all want to be able to relax and have an easier life don’t we? It’s about working smarter, not harder yes? I mean come on, I spent enough years getting up ridiculously early, so now it’s my time.

Time to make things easier.

I spent all my working life getting up early, walking the dog, getting myself ready, getting the kids to school or making sure mother was set for the day all before starting my own work day. Time to relax now and order my work day in a way that suits me better.

Time to work smarter. Time to be smarter.

So why do I feel frustrated much of the time? Why do I have so many things unfinished, or worse, not started? Where’s all that luxurious time going?

Hmmmm...see above.

Something needs to change. It will do me good. Time to make things easier, time to be a bit smarter.

So how do we make change happen? If you think about it, change is the only thing that we can guarantee will happen while we’re alive, so how can we have some control over making changes that work for us? How can we create good changes?

There are many, quite possibly hundreds of, inspirational speakers, stories, books and "how to" manuals on creating a better you, or a better life, or living the dream, or making more money...and I’ve listened to and read a few. They can be extremely motivating and uplifting and inspirational, with some wonderful ideas and formulas and life hacks to try out, aimed at fixing whatever problem we’re experiencing and that give a boost to whatever endeavour it is that we are trying to achieve.

That’s all well and good and quite possibly useful, but what about when we are just plain tired? How do we make the change our own?

Right now, during this time of uncertainty, it’s all too easy to put off making changes, to think it’s not the right time or not important enough in the grand scheme of all things unknown. This big thing that is out of our control can add to that unsettled feeling. So if you’re experiencing a bit of agitation or things are just seeming more difficult than they need to be, then maybe a change would do you good. After all, what’s the best that can happen?

Below are some things you might like to ask if you feel a change is needed...

If I made this significant, or tiny, change, what difference would that make?

What would I notice about the way I feel if I got up earlier/ altered my routine/ ensured I had more time to get ready/ ate more healthily...?

What will I notice myself doing that tells me this change is actually good for me and something I can maintain most of the time?

How is the way I’m speaking to myself, even when things go wrong, helping me continue with the progress I’ve already made?

If you’ve decided that a change would do you good but are not sure where or how to start, a Solution Focused conversation could be helpful - get in touch.

Photo by Frank Luca on Unsplash

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